From Sepia to “Selfies”: 175 Years of Photography

CBS News, 5.21.15
The New York Public Library’s curator Stephen C. Pinson, features two interactive components of a new exhibit “Public Eye: 175 Years of Sharing Photography”. Visitors can scroll through the entire length of one of New York's most popular streets with "On Broadway," which was created by Lev Manovich of the Graduate Center, CUNY. The user can explore public data like geotagged pictures, Four Square check-ins and even the median income in each area.

Can Wall Street-Friendly, Overly-Cautious Chuck Schumer Lead the Senate?

Observer (NY), 5.26.15
“He’s a skilled dealmaker,” said Kenneth Sherrill, a professor emeritus of political science at the Graduate Center and Hunter College, CUNY. “But I can’t think of any one thing. To be honest, I’m drawing a blank.”

Why Your Old Friends Are Vital to Your Future

Psychology Today, blog, 4.30.15
A new study in the journal Psychology and Aging examined whether the nature of the connections we forge at different stages of adulthood has an impact on our likelihood to become lonely later in life. Cheryl Carmichael, a professor at the Graduate Center and Brooklyn College, CUNY, and her colleagues, used data from a 30-year study of people who had participated in 1974 and 1980, when they were 18 and 22 years old, respectively.

“It Was the Nazis” (original in German)

Die Welt, 5.27.15
Feature interview of Benjamin Carter Hett about the 1933 burning of the Reichstag that launched the Nazi political takeover in Germany. Hett is a professor of history at the Graduate Center and Hunter College, City University of New York and author of “Burning the Reichstag: An Investigation into the Third Reich’s Enduring Mystery” (Oxford University Press, 2014).

Remembering Dr. Derrick Griffith

New York Amsterdam News, 5.21.15
Medgar Evers College confirmed last week that 42-year-old Derrick Griffith, dean of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management for MEC, was one of the eight people killed in the May 12 Amtrak Train 188 derailment. He was the fifth victim identified. The president of MEC added that the dedicated educator, with all his coursework completed and his dissertation approved, was scheduled have his CUNY Graduate Center Ph.D. in urban education conferred May 27. His dissertation is titled “What’s ‘Black’ Got to Do With It? An Analysis of Low-Income Black Students and Educational Outcomes.”

The Economy of Incarceration: Ruth Wilson Gilmore - Video

GRITtv with Laura Flanders, 5.26.15
Interview of Ruth Wilson Gilmore, a professor at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, she has spent decades analyzing the political geography of prisons.

The Mystery of the Reichstag Fire (original in German)

Die Welt, 5.24.15
An essay by Benjamin Hett, professor of history at Hunter College and the Graduate Center, City University of New York.

Columbians in New York City - Video

CNN Espanol, 5.25.15
Interview of Laird W. Bergad, director of the Center for Latin American, Caribbean and Latino Studies at the CUNY Graduate Center, which discussed the findings of report issued by the Center.

'Impossible' Push for $15/Hour Minimum Wage Sees Some Success

NBC, 5.24.15
The $15 campaigns "completely upped the ante," said Ruth Milkman, a sociologist of labor and labor movements at the City University of New York Graduate Center. "Inequality really got on the radar in a big way," she said. "The labor movement… got a shot in the arm from that, and has been building up ever since."

Assembly Avoids Clash Over Mayoral Control

Capital New York, 5.20.155
But achieving a permanent system of control over city schools was always a far-fetched plan, said David Bloomfield, a professor education at CUNY’s Graduate Center and Brooklyn College. “It was always a hail Mary for de Blasio to be going for permanent mayoral control,” he said.

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