Distinguished Professor Dennis Sullivan, who holds the Albert Einstein Chair in Science (Mathematics), has been awarded the prestigious 2014 Balzan Prize.

Ruth Milkman
The 2014 Labor report highlights the fact that the unionization rates in the State and City have risen, reversing a seven-year downward trend.

Graduate Center, Photo Credit: Chris Cooper
The Graduate Center Library announced the creation of Academic Works, a digital repository of the scholarly and creative works of GC faculty, students, and research centers.

Michelle Johnson
Doctoral student Michelle Johnson unveils her interactive independent study project, “Languages Above the Subways.”

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Wed., Sept. 17 - Deportation & Murder of "Alien" Jews in Bulgaria & Hungary: A Comparative Overview

Thurs., Sept. 18 - Music in Midtown

Thurs., Sept. 18 - A Book of Glyphs

Fri., Sept. 19 - The Laurel and the Axe: Execution Poetry in Late-Renaissance Italy