Alumni FAQ


Alumni FAQ

Can GC alumni use the Mina Rees Library?

GC alumni are allowed access to the Mina Rees Library with their GC alumni card. To obtain borrowing privileges, a contribution of $100 to Friends of the Library is required. Contributions are tax-deductible. The Friends of the Library program helps support the activities of the Mina Rees Library and acquisition of new resources. To find out more about the Friends of the Library program, please visit the website

Does the Graduate Center offer Dossier Services?

Yes, the Graduate Center has partnered with the credentials management service, Interfolio Inc., to offer current and former students a more efficient and effective way of managing dossier files. Interfolio is the easiest and most affordable way to store and deliver application materials. For more information, please visit the website at Please contact the Office of Student Affairs at 212-817-7400 or by email for more information about this service.

How do I audit courses at the Graduate Center?

Anyone can audit courses at the Graduate Center. Please contact the Registrar's Office at 212-817-7500 or by email at for more information.

How do I obtain a GC alumni ID card?

To obtain a Graduate Center alumni ID card, please contact the Security Office at 212-817-7777 or visit their office (room 9124) on the 9th floor of the Graduate Center.

How do I obtain an official transcript?

To obtain an official transcript from the Graduate Center, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 212-817-7500 or by email at You may also download the "Transcript Request Form".

How do I stay in contact with other GC alumni?

You can sign up for the Graduate Center's Alumni Online Directory at There you can search for other alumni. The Alumni Online Directory is a member driven system. Members control the amount of information they wish to share. Any information that is displayed in the alumni directory is privileged and only shared with other GC alumni.

How do I update my address or share news about myself?

The easiest way to update your contact information is join the Graduate Center Online Community. Once you become a member, you can update your profile. You may also contact us at 212-817-7130 or by email at

To share news about you with Graduate Center community such as new book publications, academic or professional achievements, and other interesting stories, please email us

Where I do purchase academic or commencement gowns?

Academic or commencement gowns can be purchased from the Office of Special Events at the Graduate Center. Please contact them at 212-817-7150 or by email at to inquire about prices, measurements and other specifications.