Committees and Representatives

  • The Provost's Office is responsible for several committees. See also CUNY Graduate Council for standing committees and other committees of the Graduate Council. See Program Governance for information on standing committees of doctoral programs.

Academic Review Committee

The Academic Review Committee (ARC) consists of the Provost as Chair and six members elected by the Executive Officers from among their ranks. Each elected member serves for two years. The terms are staggered so that half of the total members are elected each year. The Provost is a nonvoting member. The committee reviews all program recommendations for full-time faculty appointments to The Graduate School and University Center, as well as faculty reappointments, promotions, tenure, fellowship leaves of absence, and nominations for Distinguished Prof.; it considers appeals of negative program decisions on these actions; it makes recommendations to the President. (Forms, in PDF format, for evaluation of faculty and library appointments are available for downloading.)

ARC members for 2012-2013 are:

  • Prof. AndrĂ© Aciman, Comparative Literature
  • Prof. Theodore Brown, Computer Science
  • Prof. Gerald Creed, Anthropology
  • Prof. David Olan, Music
  • Prof. Joe Rollins, Political Science
  • Prof. Barbara Weinstein, Audiology

Central Faculty Steering Committee

The Central Faculty Steering Committee meets periodically to discuss issues of concern to faculty whose appointments are at The Graduate School. The current members are:

  • Prof. Morris Dickstein, English
  • Prof. Michelle Fine, Psychology
  • Prof. William Kornblum, Sociology
  • Prof. Nicholas Michelli, Urban Ed
  • Prof. Ruth Milkman, Sociology (Chair)
  • Prof. James Oakes, History
  • Richard Otheguy, Linguistics
  • Prof. Joan Richardson, English
  • Prof. Donald Robotham, Anthropology
  • Prof. Thomas Weiss, Political Science
  • Staff Assistant: TBA

Doctoral Faculty Policy Committee

The Doctoral Faculty Policy Committee is elected by the faculty. It functions as the voice of the doctoral faculty of The City University of New York. It may bring items for action to Graduate Council on its

  • Prof. Andre Aciman, Comparative Literature
  • Prof. Martin Burke, History
  • Prof. Lynn Chancer, Sociology
  • Prof. Jason Dictnenberg, Biology
  • Prof. Mark Hauber, Biology, Psychology
  • Prof. Roman Kezerashvili, Physics
  • Prof. Margaret King, History
  • Prof. Isaias Lerner, Hispanic & Luso-Brazilian Lit & Lang
  • Prof. Nicholas Michelli, Urban Education
  • Prof. Maureen O'Connor, Psychology
  • Prof. Steven Penrod, Criminal Justice
  • Prof. Barbara Weinstein, Health Sciences Doctoral Programs
  • Staff Assistant: TBA

Graduate Council Committees

See Graduate Council for standing committees and other committees of Graduate Council.

Interdisciplinary Studies Advisory Committee

To facilitate interdisciplinary work, The Graduate Center has established the Interdisciplinary Studies Advisory Committee, which is responsible for encouraging and developing interdisciplinary graduate studies. The Interdisciplinary Studies Advisory Committee vetts all proposed courses and recommends courses for funding that are most broadly interdisciplinary in nature and conceptualization and seem the most likely to attract students from a range of academic disciplines and programs.

University Faculty Senate

The University Faculty Senate (UFS) is the faculty governance body in academic matters of  university-wide concern at The City University of New York. The Chair is an ex-officio CUNY Trustee and members of the the Executive Committee serve as voting members of CUNY Board of Trustees Committees.  The Chair of the University Faculty Senate also presides at meetings of the CUNY Council of Faculty Governance Leaders. The 136 elected Senators represent 12,000 full- and part-time faculty, and provide a representative, collective faculty voice from each of the 20 campuses.  Senators are charged with responsibility in issues of curriculum, degree requirements, and institutional mission at the University level. Senators serve on various university-wide committees, including those dealing with academic governance of the CUNYBA, the School of Professional Studies, the Research Foundation, and the CUNY Academy. The UFS and its Committees work with the Senates on the CUNY campuses and the CUNY Discipline Councils. The UFS also informs the University Community of new documents & proposals up for consideration before the Board of Trustees, and helps provide for appropriate consultation on the issues. For additional information about the UFS, go to Current UFS representatives are:

  • Prof. Marilyn Aguirre-Molina, Public Health
  • Prof. Jochen Albrecht, Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Prof. Stefan Baumrin, Philosophy
  • Prof. Martin Burke, History
  • Prof. Michael Maxfield, Criminal Justice
  • Prof. Manfred Philipp, Biochemistry, Chemistry


  • Prof. Ashok Vora, Business