Incomplete Policy

To resolve incomplete grades, students must fulfill their obligations within one calendar year after the INC grade is assigned. After one year, an incomplete grade (‘’INC’’) will become a permanent incomplete. Extensions will be granted only in exceptional circumstances upon written application and with the permission of the faculty member, the Executive Officer, and the Vice President for Student Affairs. Permanent incompletes will accrue no credit. Students with more than two incomplete courses will be brought to the attention of their Executive Officer to determine whether or not they are making satisfactory progress. Students will not normally be regarded as making satisfactory progress toward their degrees if they have more than two “INC”s on their records. Students should be aware that continued registration and most financial aid awards are conditional upon satisfactory progress. Students should also note that credits for which they have an “INC” as of the end of the third week of classes of a given semester are not counted toward advancement to the next level for that semester.