Visiting Research Scholars


Visiting Research Scholars

The Visiting Research Scholar program at the Graduate Center involves two processes. The first process is focused on verifying the proposed visitor seems capable of adding usefully to the academic discourse at the university, and that the required details of the proposed visit and proper documents are present. That process is managed by the Office of the Provost. Only the Executive Officer of a program or the Director of a Center may request Visiting Research Scholar status for a proposed guest. The scholar's current C.V. and an official letter or memo, on letterhead and addressed to the provost, are required.

The request must include a specific start date and end date for the proposed visit. The scholar’s institutional affiliation (including country if not the U.S.) must be included in the letter. The letter must indicate the gender of the proposed scholar. The letter may also explain what the scholar is expected to accomplish. Alternatively, the scholar may provide a statement of intent. If a scholar is a Fulbright recipient or expected to be, that must be noted in the request. Fulbright forms for Visiting Research Scholars should be sent to the Office of the Provost for completion. All supporting material for a proposed visit must be in English.

Naturally, requests for Visiting Research Scholar status must precede the visitor. At least a month lead time is suggested for non-citizens. Non-citizens may be Visiting Research Scholars by participating in the Exchange Visitor Program (see below). American citizens and those with dual citizenship may be Visiting Research Scholars though they will not be Exchange Visitors. If the visit is approved, the Executive Officer or Director is sent an official letter from the Provost authorizing the visit and customary privileges (e.g. computer account). A copy of the letter is sent electronically to Information Technology, the Library and the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.

In addition to the authorization letter, the Office of Human resources is sent a copy of the visitor’s complete package. The second process is focused on verifying that a non-citizen visitor is eligible for the Exchange Visitor Program and, if so, assisting with immigration. The Office of Human Resources manages that process. The Office of Human Resources also helps all Visiting Research Scholars obtain a Graduate Center identification card.

Executive Officers and Directors should make their requests on appropriate program or center letterhead. The request and supporting material (e.g. CV, Fulbright documents) should be attached to an email and sent to Interim Provost Louise Lennihan ( with a copy to Edward Ellis (  Questions may be sent to Edward Ellis.