Curricular Changes

All changes in curriculum (new courses, changes in credits or description, changes in degree requirements, and so forth) must be approved by the Committee on Curriculum and Degree Requirements, by Graduate Council, and by the CUNY Board of Trustees. Proposals for program changes should first be approved by the appropriate program committees and sent electronically to Ms. Patti Myatt. in the Provost's Office, along with a request from the Executive Officer. Note that each proposed change must have a rationale. Changes should be in the format used in the Graduate Center Bulletin; note that material to be deleted must be in brackets and new material underscored.

"Major items" involve general policy and curriculum regulations pertaining to The Graduate Center as a whole, as well as such specific items as new courses, changes in requirements for admission, and changes in requirements for the degree. Although the Graduate Center Bulletin does not include course descriptions, proposals for new courses should include such descriptions.

"Minor items" include non substantive changes in existing courses, changes in course numbers and hours, editorial changes, and deletions of courses.

There is now only one template for the Chancellor's University Report (CUR) for all curriculum changes. The template includes examples of what is to be included and how it should be placed on the template. All items should be typed in CRTEXT and Ariel 12. The examples and all information in Blue should be deleted from the final document before submission.