Course Limits

Course limits for each program began in Fall 2003, primarily to control instructional costs. Each program's "course equivalency units" were calculated to include courses, independent studies, and administrative releases for depu-ties. Released time assigned for Executive Officers and dissertation directors is not included in the program's alloca-tion. Annual limits for courses, independent studies (budgeted as 0.2 of a course), and administrative releases have been assigned to each program.

In fashioning each semester's schedule, Executive Officers should manage these categories to achieve desired goals. The program might, for example, offer fewer independent studies and more seminars. Similarly, administrative releases could increase or lessen depending on the program's curricular and mentoring needs. Team-taught courses - and the budgetary implications of that pedagogic mode - can be considered. The formula may vary from semester to semester. The program's annual course equivalency units should not exceed the assigned limit.

The rule of five remains in force. Because that rule is a workload issue with implications beyond The Graduate Center, all seminars must have five enrolled students (ten in team-taught courses). Any exception to that restriction--and such exceptions will be rare--requires the approval of the Provost.

Instructional and administrative activity for the current and previous semesters is shown on each program's Report Selection Page on the Faculty Web.