Provost's Office


Provost's Office

Interim Provost Louise Lennihan

Louise Lennihan is Interim Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs at the Graduate Center.  In her role, she serves as the principal academic officer of the Graduate Center and deputy to the president, ensuring the quality and performance of the degree-granting programs. The provost also oversees Institutional Research and Effectiveness, the GC Library, Student Affairs, and Research and Sponsored Programs, as well as the offices of the associate provosts.

Dr. Lennihan joined the department of Anthropology at Hunter College in 1982 and has been a member of the Graduate Center doctoral faculty since 1987, serving as the Executive Officer of the Ph.D. Program in Anthropology from 1997-2008. Prior to becoming Interim Provost, she served as Associate Provost and Dean for Humanities and Social Sciences for four years.  Dr. Lennihan has held grants from the Social Science Research Council, the National Science Foundation, NIMH, and Fulbright-Hays.

Trained as a cultural anthropologist at Columbia University with a focus on West Africa, she has conducted archival and field research in northern Nigeria.  She was part of a group of scholars who met at Ahmadu Bello University in the 1980s and who set out to write the area’s political economy  from the onset of informal colonial rule in the late 19th century.  Louise’s particular area of research was the regional agrarian labor history of Zaria Emirate following the abolition of slavery through the post-colonial oil boom, documenting a story of growing impoverishment and dispossession.  Among her publications are articles in numerous journals and books, including Journal of Peasant Studies, Slavery and Abolition, Human Organization, Reviews in Anthropology, Human Ecology, and Golden Ages and Dark Ages: Imagining the Past in History and Anthropology.

Phone: (212) 817-7200
Fax: (212) 817-1612

Interim Associate Provost and Dean for Academic Affairs David Olan

Reporting to the Provost and serving as deputy, the Associate Provost and Dean for Academic Affairs assists in supervising a variety of administrative and fiscal areas, including all doctoral and master’s programs, interdisciplinary studies, the certificate programs, students’ professional development, the Graduate Assistant Programs, annual dissertation awards competition, oversight of the CUNY Performance Management Process (PMP) annual reports for GC goals and outcomes, and the Language Reading Program.  The Associate Provost and Dean for Academic affairs also plays a key leadership role in the Humanities, Social Science and Science Discipline clusters, and is a significant partner in the implementation of the Graduate Center’s Strategic Plan.

Phone: (212) 817-7205

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Mario Antonio Kelly

In collaboration with the Associate Provost, the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs has responsibility for planning; oversight of assessment and evaluation of the implementation of the Graduate Center's Strategic Plan; coordination of the Performance Management Process; coordination of doctoral program accreditation and student licensing; and the business plan for the Graduate Center's master's programs.In addition, he is responsible for oversight of the CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies and student academic appeals.

Phone: (212) 817-7205

Provost's Office Staff Directory

Burrage, Marie
Associate Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness
Rm 8111.02
(212) 817-7209

Doneger, Myra
CUNY Administrative Assistant
Rm 8111
(212) 817-7288 

Ellis, Anne
Associate Director of Graduate Assistant Programs/
Special Assistant to the 
Associate Provost and Dean for Humanities and Social Sciences
Rm 8113.09
(212) 817-7284

Ellis, Edward
CUNY Administrative Assistant
Rm 8113
(212) 817-7244

Fish, Barbara L.
Director of Faculty Administration and Academic Information Systems
Rm 8113.06
(212) 817-7228

Gayle, Tamra L.
Administrative Executive Coordinator
Rm 8113
(212) 817-7205

Jiménez, Olga
College Assistant
Rm 8113
(212) 817-7239

Kelly, Mario
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Rm 7313
(212) 817-7205

Kinger, Mansha
CUNY Office Assistant
Rm 8113
(212) 817-7237

Lennihan, Louise
Interim Provost and Senior Vice President
Rm 8113.03
(212) 817-7200

Modica, Stacy
Assistant to the Provost
Rm 8113.15
(212) 817-7229

Myatt, Patti 
Assistant for Graduate School Committees
Rm 8111.01
(212) 817-7227

Miller, Kevin
Assistant Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness
Rm 8111.04
(212) 817-7212

Nasr, Margarita
Associate Director for Academic Operations
Rm 8113.07
(212) 817-7238

Olan, David
Interim Associate Provost and Dean for the Humanities and Social Sciences
Rm 8113.11
(212) 817-7205

Sponzo, Rachel
Staff Assistant for Academic Affairs
Rm 8113.14
(212) 817-7282

Tian, Han
College Assistant
Rm 8113
(212) 817-7200

Tiongson, Stacie
Executive Director of Academic Affairs
Rm 8113.04
(212) 817-7226

Wong, Steven
Assistant Director of Faculty Administration and Academic Information Systems
Rm 8110
(212) 817-7286