Bulletin of the GC 2014-15

Full version of the Bulletin 2014–15 (PDF)


Notice of Possible Changes / Accreditation <pdf>

The Graduate Center Calendar / 2014–2015 <pdf>

The City University of New York <pdf>

The Graduate Center <pdf>

The CUNY Senior Colleges and Professional Schools <pdf>

CUNY Graduate Programs <pdf>

University Center Programs <pdf>
CUNY Baccalaureate Program
CUNY School of Professional Studies
CUNY Graduate School of Journalism
Macaulay Honors College

General Information <pdf>
Admission Requirements
Degree Requirements
Awarding of Degrees
International Academic Travel Requirements

Interuniversity Doctoral Consortium
Language Programs
Information Technology

Student Rights Regarding Access to Education Records
Academic Honesty
Sale of Academic Papers
Fraudulent Documents and Omission of Information

Tuition and Fees
Support Services

Financial Assistance <pdf>

Advanced Research Collaborative <pdf>

Centers and Institutes <pdf>

Academic Initiatives and Committees <pdf>

Graduate Center Doctoral and Master's Programs

Interdisciplinary Studies

Introduction <pdf>

Certificate Programs <pdf>
Africana Studies
American Studies
Film Studies
Interactive Technology and Pedagogy
Medieval Studies
Renaissance Studies
Women's Studies

Professional Development


Directories <pdf>
CUNY Board of Trustees
Council of Presidents
Officers of the University
The Graduate Center Administration
Centers and Institutes
The Graduate Center Foundation, Inc.

Doctoral Faculty <pdf>

Doctoral Faculty Emeritus <pdf>

Policies and Procedures

Policies of the Graduate Center <pdf>
Maintenance of Public Order
Resources for Combating Sexual Harassment/Sexual Assault (Title IX)
Equal Opportunity, Non-Discrimination, and Against Sexual Harassment
Pluralism and Diversity
Doctoral Student Parental Accommodation Policies
Pregnancy Non-Discrimination
Disability Accommodations
Sexual Assault, Stalking and Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence
Campus and Workplace Violence Prevention
Access to Campus Crime Statistics, the Campus Security Report, and Information on Registered Sex Offenders
Drugs and Alcohol
Smoking and Tobacco Policy
Infectious Diseases
Freedom of Information Law
Religious Observances: Student Rights
Facilities Access and Use



Index <pdf>