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  • Be Aware of XcodeGhost Trojan

    Attention GC Community, Recently we have seen increasing number of Apple tablets and phones infected with the XcodeGhost Trojan. More than 4,000 XcodeGhost Trojan infected apps have been... Read more

  • Be Aware of Phishing Activity

    Attention GC Community, Be aware that recently we have seen phishing attempts increasing both in sophistication and frequency, often mimicking legitimate Graduate Center resources in clever ways... Read more

  • Important IT Update for Fall Semester 2015

    GC Community: Please take note of these important announcements regarding new or improved IT services and resources, as well as the cost-cutting measures required by the budget constraints... Read more

  • Change in IT Computer Classrooms Booking Procedures

    As of September 3, 2013 IT is relinquishing the bookings for the IT Computer Classrooms (C196.01, C196.02, C196.03, C415B and 6418) to Room Reservations. Requests for these spaces should be... Read more